One more day..

Bereavement leaves one longing to be with and reunited with a loved one. Whatever your beliefs may be some may find comfort that eventually they will meet up with their loved ones in the next life.

So often we hear grieving relatives say how they would give anything for just one more day with their parent, child or partner. I heard somebody say recently that grief transcends value and I guess in a way it does. We should never take those we love for granted but cherish the time we have and the opportunity to show and tell them we care. My own mentor used to say frequently the time to be good to people is when they are here.

Life changes constantly as our lives evolve through meeting new people and losing old friends and sadly saying goodbye to loved ones. To celebrate the life of those we have lost will help not only keep them alive but help us through the changes we have no option but to accept.

We cannot change fate but we can indeed challenge it and perhaps the way we continue along the new path it has mapped out for us and ensure that we live life to the full.

Withdrawing from life and previously enjoyed activities may seem ‘the right thing’ to do. So often people feel guilty for being seen to enjoy themselves…this is not what your loved one would wish for you.


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