Exam success

Congratulations to all those students who received their exam results yesterday. For those that may have not quite achieved what they had hoped and, in many cases, needed for their first choice university I send a spiritual hug with the following advice:-

As upsetting and disappointing it may seem to lose that first choice, and the anxiety for yourself and parents going through clearing –  a second choice can often turn out far better in the longer term.

Whilst everyone is pushed to get those A*s as a life coach reminded me that once one receives their Degree, the fact you have passed your previous exams is often what is observed not the particularly grade!

What you may find is the university/course you may succeed in securing via clearing is in many cases as good as a similar if not the same course at your original first choice.

In life things happen for a reason and what may seem the end of the world is not but a different opportunity. Stay focused you may still achieve your dream career via a slightly different route.

I wish you all luck with moving into university and starting the next exciting chapter wherever that may lead you.


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