Easily distracted

OK girls we mock the men for only being able to do one thing at a time whilst we multi task…by the way which we do admirably.

Yesterday however I allowed myself to be easily distracted…in my defense we had seen a bit of smoke and smelt rubber burning from our wee car. So we pulled into an open air car park and decided to let things cool/calm down.

I have parked before in this particular car park in the evening when it is free. My daughter told me it was free Sundays too. So off we toddle to do a few hours shopping, have a cream tea (of course) but returning to our car there lay await a parking ticket!

So today’s tip is always be mindful check and re-check parking restrictions before leaving the car park..even if the car appears to be on fire! Seriously, many of our local car parks previously free have started to charge.

Safe, happy driving and watch out for the lovely traffic wardens!


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