Not been writing?

I know I am not myself and/or ill when I haven’t written for days…this week it has been the case.

Shame on me allowing a tooth abscess, side affects of antibiotics and now flu to stop me writing. Think I have the equivalent of man flu and feel sorry for myself, this was improved by tea and choccy biscuits and the reality this is nothing by comparison of previous illnesses and what some people are having to live with everyday of their lives.

So I am being grateful, especially to the emergency dentist who saw me and gave me the double dose of drugs to get me sorted. Just reminding myself that I went to the dentist how did that happen?

Whatever you are facing today find time to do what you enjoy doing however rough you feel as it will help turn things around.

Thanks to the lovely decorator for painting my front door bright blue this must be a positive sign!!

More tea and biscuits me thinks!


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