Positive progress…getting control

In life we are often faced with stressful situations which can leave us feeling vulnerable, stressed and not in control. My advice is often to first take a deep breath, realise you are not superwoman/man and be realistic in how you are going to solve the problem.

Realising that other people will have some impact and a degree of control may also slow down our thought processes so that we are not in a state of despair or panic but calmly use our intellect rather than let our emotions take control.

I have also learned that not just in my own life, but that of many close friends that one has a cluster of events all happening at once..unfair as that may seem, there are only so many hours in the day and not everyone will be working to or indeed in unison with our diary and time frame.

All these factors compound to make us feel frustrated and not in control, we have to learn that sometimes we are not completely in control and that we are making positive progress albeit slower than we over optimistically thought.

Distracting ourselves away from a major issue will help us regain a sense of balance and inject stillness into our troubled mind. Remember practicing mindfulness and ‘just being’ has an amazing affect. We can then revert to our problems that little bit more in control of our emotions at least.. rather than allowing it to consume our every waking thought which only increases our own stress levels and ability to cope.

When we allow ourselves time to stand back and reflect we often find a better solution rather than rush in all guns blazing. Where possible sleeping helps greatly and often we wake not only feeling refreshed but having had a light bulb moment to help move things along.

Now time for tea me thinks!


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