Tea drinking

Most people that know me well know that I do like a cup of tea. Don’t give me builders but a good strong cup of earl grey and I am a happy bunny whatever time of the day it is.

Yesterday i visited a local new tea shop where one can purchase any flavour you can imagine…I chose a caramel chocolate nut option. It was nice for a change but….

Today I heard a brilliant phrase concerning tea from a Scottish female friend:

‘Yer Man’s yer man…but your tea’s your comfort.’ 

That made me smile, I know my mum’s solution was to have a cup of tea and share a problem (her phrase being ‘my tea pot’s always warm‘)

A cup of tea works for me and most of my visiting friends whatever the problem is needing aired and shared!

I have just come in from a hot walk and yes, that’s right am settled with a cup of tea..oh and who bought that pecan nut danish pastry?? Better eat it whilst it’s fresh.


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