Removing our ears

I had to chuckle at the Toy Story terror movie. Mr Potato head was getting fed up of listening to a hedgehog toy so he took his ears off!

What a great idea… at one time or another even those of us who profess to be great listeners get fed up with the one friend who is always negative…if only we could remove our ears.

The film also reminded me of how when my daughter was young she was looking through a toy brochure and came across a Mr potato head game. Suddenly she pointed to said game and said ‘Look mummy the man across the road’…Her father and I had often thought to ourselves how a neighbor looked like a  Potato head man!  Out of the mouth of the babes as mum would have said!

I also have a giggle at signs that say ‘keep away from children’ a darn good idea especially if they are playing up.



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