Weighing up options

When I worked within a legal environment we would call ‘weighing up’ the balance of convenience. Throughout business and personal lives we are often faced with challenges and choices to make and weighing up the pros and cons can be difficult.

Aside of being feared of change, the word compromise can be just as frightening. Not everyone has the personal attitude towards their life to see an experience may be a good one, albeit a second choice and perhaps not quite what you had in mind as the next best move.

If the life of a freelancer has taught me one thing its that life throws all sorts of curved balls for one to juggle and/or bat away. We think our skills and qualifications are taking us towards a definite route but along the way we may be distracted by something which we made need to reach that final goal…and perhaps didn’t realise until now!

Today I am doing just that weighing up and reflecting on what to do the coming months, or longer…watch this space.



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