New chapters

September sees the start of new chapters for many children, some may be just starting full time school with many tears from mums wondering where the years have gone to. Whilst others may be starting a bigger adventure and a more serious chapter as they head off for their first term at university with mums being equally proud and tearful…wondering where the years have gone to!

I am reminded as I write my blog tonight of the song our children used to sing in the Infants School: ‘One more step along the road I go’…one that my own mother used to sing to me and always makes me choke back the tears.

Whatever steps be it small or large your children are taking this week, as mothers we have to learn to let go, encourage our children to be confident and positive and embrace what life holds in store.Yes there will be tears but moments ahead where we will be oh so proud of what they achieve.

I know a lot of people find it hard to cope with the empty nest but this is often a time for reflection and to perhaps start something new for yourself. A new chapter of your own.

Remember the university children come back and appreciate us all the more!

Good luck to all those accepting new challenges this month.Enjoy!



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