Useless facts


We are in an age of information which is brought to us 24/7 from all forms of media but isn’t funny how we can read a newspaper from cover to cover taking in all sorts of facts and figures and political scandals then one strange comment seems to register…

I have found myself remembering the last few weeks that supposedly there are three chickens to everyone of us living on the planet. OK, yes I did keep chickens once but why should I retain that snippet when like so many of you I have various lists around the house of important things I must do today, tomorrow…next week that I will forget unless I remind myself.

I think a lot of it is brain overload and how we have great expectations of just how much we will get done..only if the day goes according to plan eh? Now where’s that list?

Three chickens…interesting. I only had two though!!


hen night! 15-06-08_1722 - Copy



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