A Woman’s place…

Working these past months with some of my amazing and lovely female elderly clients  we often discuss how things have changed over the years. How the role of women has changed.

We often share stories and sayings that our mothers and grandmothers used to say. One I heard my mother often say when a machine was getting the better of her was; ‘Don’t be beaten by man or machine‘ and I try to remind myself of those wise words when trying to get to grips with my latest mobile phone.

Today I heard the male equivalent ‘Don’t be kicked by a woman nor horse!’ .

All joking aside there is of course some sadness when we study the females portrayed in such great films as ‘Pride and Prejudice’ when the order of the day for young ladies was to not leave the house without one’s bonnet or gloves and a trip to town was to choose new ribbons. Reflecting upon those times are we leaving the house half-naked girls??

Revisiting those romantic novels we read as teenagers is often therapeutic and relaxing for the mature ladies as it is good to remember how things used to be .


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