Sign the petition for Rosie’s backpacker safety campaign

I have just read the interview with Mia Ayliffe’s Mother in ‘The Mail on Sunday’. Her daughter, a student taken tragically whilst backpacking. Rosie’s words resonate with me and any mother reading this emotive and honest piece.

As our children go off to university and/or a gap year we worry about their safety for all sorts of reasons. However, none of us want to stop them following their dreams.

Rosie admits that in her head her daughter is still away in Australia and I have had similar conversations with the bereaved friends and families in similar situations as they struggle to come to terms with their loss.

My blog supporters and followers know how often I write about the strength of a Mother’s Love. My book of the same title currently with my publishers. What never fails to amaze me is how some individuals whilst having to work through their grief decide to channel their energy into something positive and more often that not for the benefits of others.

Mia’s mother has started a safety campaign for backpackers and I would urge my followers to sign her petition which can be found by visiting her Twitter page @RosieAyliffe.



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