Our Dads

Today I will dedicate my first blog to my own father and many other fathers of friends who spent their twenties in the second world war. These great men came home to those that loved them and stayed silent about what they had seen and didn’t boast about their many achievements.

I know my mother told me that our dad didn’t think it appropriate to discuss such matters in front of the women and children.  For many of us from my own generation we regret that maybe we didn’t either take the time or have the opportunity to sit down and ask the right questions to find out more about these brave men.

Today is of course when, as a nation,we do take time to remember them.. all those that were sadly lost and those who survived. Also show appreciation to our armed forces currently serving.

If you are fortunate to have your Dad or Grandfather alive take the time now to talk to them and give them the respect and recognition they so rightly deserve.




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