Dementia awareness

I was pleased to see This Morning TV programme featuring a Dementia phone in yesterday. It is a really difficult challenge for both families and the person suffering from this life changing condition.

Their sensitivity in handling a call from a 49 year ols female who was really struggling with memory loss and reduction understandably of confidence was superb.  They revealed the statistics of under 60’s with dementia was relatively low and how anybody with worrying symptoms should not hesitate to consult help and have tests to enable the medics to rule out other possibilities for symptoms experienced.

Concerns were also discussed about families inheriting Dementia and research is ongoing in terms of genetics playing a part,t tere is one rare form which may be inherited but lifestyle is also something to control..keeping fit by exercise and eating healthily.

For anybody needing advice and support please visit The Alzheimer’s Society website or call their National Helpline 0300 222 1122


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