Where is your heaven?

I remain sitting on the fence as to whether or not there is a heaven. I know my mother believed there was such a place but reminded us to make our own heaven here on earth…sound advice.

After a long day of paperwork and ruthlessly clearing out lots of home office ‘stuff’. paperless society?? Not in my home.  I treated myself to a relax and came across a beautiful film on Netflix. ‘Heaven is for real’. Based on a true story of a young boy who not only had a near death experience but felt he had visited heaven.

Fot those of my followers who are fighting their chocolate addiction..that is not Thorntons or Hotel Chocoate either!

When working through a spiritual healing course I read many an emotive book on similar subjects and if your faith leads you to the conclusion that heaven does exist all well and good.

For today I am concentrating on organising my life here on earth and living it as positively and lovingly as I can.


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