The Little Book of Kisses

My kindle book about kissing…yes that’s right kissing will be available from Amazon by the 15th of January..a month before Valentine’s  and an ideal gift to make a loved one smile and who know’s maybe encourage a bit more kissing. Contents include: revealing the many secrets and advantages of kissing, butterfly kisses and  burning off calories.

Published by Credo Publishing written by Dolly Christmas a little taster follows:-

‘Maybe I am just an incurable romantic but there’s nothing more exciting than those first tender and/or passionate kisses in a new relationship. Coupled with the idea that he/she may ‘be the one’ there is often a fear of the unknown; can they kiss you the way you like to be kissed, want to be kissed or even let’s face it more importantly how you deserve to be kissed.’

‘The Little Book of Kisses’…coming soon.


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