Pet Bereavement

Close friends have sadly lost a beloved pet recently and my regular followers will know I often speak about pet bereavement. Non-animal-lovers can be dissmissive and do not realise for many pets are family members and losing them is a sad time.

Having and loving pets are often a child’s first experience about being partly responsible for something and may often be their first experience of bereavement too.

Dogs and cats provide unconditional love and many rewards and can be great companions for people who live alone too. I have often gone with elderly people to the vets when they sadly have had to have their pet put to sleep and equally visited animal rescue centres to chose a new furry family member.

Those that know me are aware I feel a house is not a home without a cat.

To those who have lost a pet focus on the good life they have had in your loving care and most importantly remember it’s good to cry rather than suppress our emotions.


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