Feeling healthier and fighting stress

At the start of the year we all make various promisess to ourselves about being happier, being more successful, being fitter, slimmer etc the list is endless. The trouble is maybe we set too many challenges at once and set ourselves up to fail.

Ideally and honestly be more realistic in what you want to achieve and set yourself a realistic time frame in which to work to. Tiny steps that are easy to manage and maintain will always work better. Sometimes we are inspired by that summer holiday to eat healthier and trim down but whilst those targets are good they are too often not changes for life.

For those really wanting to make a difference to how they feel and look the diet and exercise change has to be life-long to really feel the benefits not just visually but physically. Healthy mind, healthy body … understanding why and when we eat the wrong things (comfort eating) it will be easier to then change our relationship with food for the better and, longer term, is without the best way.

Often people get into a cycle of feeling lethargic through eating all the wrong things then feeling too sluggish to exercise and so the cycle begins. We all go through periods of denial and excuse making but once we regain a healthier state we achieve more and therefore feel less stressed.The cycle we then reach and live within is one of positivity and healthy well-being.

Let’s make 2017 the year to feel healthier and happier it’s actually far easier than you fear.


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