Remembering William

I know that today is cancer awareness day and the valuable work the various charities do to support families and raise funds for research is to be saluted.

There are very few families that haven’t been touched by cancer and in our family we have had more than our share. However, we must be positive in increasing awareness and encouraging those that suspect they have a health problem to get it checked as soon as possible as quite likely it may well turn out not to be something sinister. Equally if cancer is discovered early it can be cured in many cases. Being fearful can often prevent us from thinking logically.

Oddly enough today was my Step Father William’s birthday. Billy to us and sadly he died from cancer but as I remind people on a regular basis the illness is not the person… that is what he had. He was a remarkable man who was step father to two families in his life and they all loved and admired him greatly. Step parents so often get bad preess, with many deservedly so..but to my family members who follow my blog I will ask them to take a moment today and remember Billy fondly as the gentle giant of a man he was.

For those nursing loved ones I send my thoughts and spiritual hug as I know how difficult this journey can be. Long term illnesses also affect the grieving process to a certain degree as we already mourn our loved one before they die and their passing often comes as a blessing.

But as I was reminded earlier this week at least it gives us an opportunity to say good bye to somebody we love.



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