Politeness, kindness and understanding

As we all rush through our busy day it is oh too easy to forget politeness, kindness or understanding. However, these three ‘guys’ should always be our best friends and applied throughout the day not just when we feel we have time!

It doesn’t take much to offer a kind word, listen and be understanding of others as we never know what is going on in somebody’s life and a kind word or deed can go such a long way.

Politeness often gets forgotten about but it is just another way of being considerate..en route to brunch with my great life coach pal a woman let a store door go in my face..her life obviously so busy she couldn’t just glance behind her!

Too often people rush around in a world of their own without consideration of others and I can guarantee their lives are not busier than the rest of us either. Another beef of mine is when people are rude to waitresses or people serving in shops..no excuses!

So slow down, think what’s going on around you and how you can make life a little bit better by a small act of kindness.



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