Compromise or reality?

I have lost count over the past months where colleagues and friends have spoken about their life’s compromise and how do they re-address the balance?

We use such words too easily and often incorrectly we are often told how not to compromise ourselves too much but in reality life, or indeed certain elements, may indeed feel like we are compromised but life is about adjusting and acceptance too.

I would remind my followers today that the feeling of being compromised may be as a result of choices we have made either on our own or jointly. Often we make decisions based on information to hand at the time and/or to please others. Of course neither of these choices is completely wrong but in our aim to please we may feel we hand over too much control. Wanting to please others in itself is no bad thing but remember we are important too, so is our own happiness and moreover our peace of mind.

Just living day by day of course is always favourable and not allowing our fears to consume us is sound advice. However, at times even the best of us who on the surface are immune to stress feel vulnerable and not in control.

My message today is to relax, do things you enjoy to balance out the stress of life, be mindful and be kind to yourself and not hard on yourself.

To quote Billy Idol..the future’s so bright got to wear shades!


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