Updating friends…in a flash

Ok today I stand accused of meaning to ring a client/friend for far too long. The years, then months go past far too quickly. We touch base on various forms of media and comment and congratulate each other on our latest achievements but…

In the middle of a hectic day two amazing women found time to quickly discuss a project and catch up on the achievements of our family. In just a short space of time we talked projects, publishing, education, counselling and we agreed on sensitive topics and how best to handle them, we laughed, we shared tips and exchanged knowledge on all manner of things! Women are so beautifully talented at fitting in so much, giving generously of ourselves to others, caring, giving advice in an instant then flying off to the next challenge.

Mary..recognise yourself?? Lovely catching up, I was mindful you were busy and I am racing against the clock. Quick meeting of minds with a fellow writer and positive spiritual person gives one that fab warm feeling!

My blog message today is to pick up that phone and speak to a human being it’s so much fun and rewarding.  Don’t wait for an excuse just do it!


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