Technology running our lives

OK I know it’s not Monday but I didn’t have time to rant yesterday as I spent the day glued to laptop! I am so aware that we all depend so much on out technology and when changes are made beyond our control it can be daunting if not frustrating…not to mention time consuming and additional costs.

My email server for many years has decided to withdraw my email address leaving me with hours of fun…did I say fun?  There are so many things in our business that are connected to our email address that have to be changed aside of re-printing costs of stationary! Like many business people my email package is my filing system – in an attempt to be paper free haha we leave ourselves vulnerable it seems.

Luckily my daughter is home from university and helped me to import data and contacts to new email… some has arrived here’s hoping the rest does soon!

I confess to not saving all my contact  details either, who does when it may be just one or two emails? So I am apologising in advance to anybody I inadvertantly lose contact with after the end of May. I am doing my best to notify those I can of change of email details.

On the good side maybe I may end up actually talking to people instead of communication via modern there’s a thought.


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