Good news for a change

I have been off line for a few days knee deep in admin, accounts but also enjoying working with my clients and hopefully making a difference to those in need of support.

Let’s face it there has been nothing but sad news of late but isn’t it great when we learn that within the medical profession they are making great in-roads into research and advance technology for stroke survivors.

It is no secret that time is of the essence in terms of getting the right help and quickly to anyone having a stroke and The Stroke Association regularly roll out the FAST adverts:

Face, Arms, Speech…time to call an ambulance.

This week we hear more about the ground-breaking operation a mechanical thrombectomy which can make a real difference but it has to be performed within six hours.

As with most charities awareness is as vital as the actual fundraising and I cannot recommend The Stroke Association enough -great support and amazing information to help both the stroke survivor and their carers. So if you are thinking of a new charity to support this is one to consider.

To anyone supporting a loved one who has recently had a stroke remember for many it is like a mini-bereavement, as they try to come to terms with the loss, maybe temporary or longer term of the loss of use of their limbs or speech. Keeping their spirits positive is vital and being informed will help both them and you –The Stroke Association can do this.



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