Kindness of strangers

Been away from my blog the past two days and even as a writer words fail me for the events this week.

However, all any of us can do is try to focus on the positive energy and feel blessed by the kindness of strangers. In the face of adversity communities pull together and as always we must be grateful to the emergency services who are first to attend when tragic events happen.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and those that will nurse and help recover those that are injured. In addition to the visual and physical scars we of course must consider the emotional trauma that those who witnessed the situation unfold will suffer.

Many people will suffer albeit misplaced survival guilt and these emotions will not disappear overnight. We must also remember those we know who have been involved in similar tragic circumstances before as their wounds will re-open.

We can only offer help where and when we can and encourage our own loved ones to try where possible to go about their lives positively but with caution. It is of course hard for adults to make sense of it all and even more of a challenge for children who must be dealt with sensitively with age appropriate explanations.

Remember: Our security forces are doing their utmost to keep us safe and instead of criticism we must offer praise for all they do all year round.



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