Support charities

In whichever area one has chosen as a career path we must continue to be mindful and recognise our limitations and when we need to refer a matter onto another professional or organisation. Never more so,  than in the area of counselling.

With the ever increasing cases of childhood abuse in the public eye those who have suffered a childhood trauma are finally finding a voice. Thankfully there are some amazing support charities around with helplines manned by great counsellors who can help them through the process as an adult rather than through the eyes of a frightened child.

Today, as part of my own research and development I contacted The Survivors Trust and was met with great advice from an experienced and positive counsellor.  For those in need or supporting a friend or family member please visit their website: Their helpline is: 0808 8010818

Nobody needs to suffer in silence and/or feel they are alone talking things through really does help..albeit one tiny step at a time.


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