Redbourn Auto Solutions

Regular followers know that I am particular who I recommend and/or associate with on my blog. However, we all know how easy it is to complain but we often fall short when giving credit where credit due. I am an old fashioned girly and like to receive good customer service and like to place my business with those one can trust.

I guess one of the many times trust is crucial is where car repairs are concerned. I hold my hand up and say I know nothing about cars and have to rely on the kindness of male friends to step in…but guys you have let me down…my tyres did need replacing!  Thankfully I took the ‘old girl’ to Redbourn Auto Solutions for pre MOT check today and was met with really friendly and helpful staff early Monday morning and happily left her in more reliable hands. Not only did Ian and team carry out all the necessary repairs within a day, and, source and fit replacement tyres but took her round for the MOT for me too.

It’s great to know that I now have peace of mind, that works were carried out safely and at competititive prices. For those living local who may travel to alternative garage solutions I would recommend next time you give Redbourn Auto Solutions a try. It’s not only good to keep trade with local businesses but you know with Ian’s team they value your custom, are looking to serve you well and longer term rather than viewing you as just a one-off hit with a huge bill to boot! I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else.

Thanks again to the team for taking the stress away today.


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