Customer Service

I realise I am an old fashioned girly but I am always impressed when I receive good customer service. Years of working as a quality consultant and researcher excellent service is never wasted on me.

I suspect like many people who work from home office their computer/laptop is their life line and we can’t all be IT experts so when things go wrong it can be very stressful. I am mindful my laptop has seen better days but when it crashed recently I was lucky enough to enlist the help of Shak Khoda from Herts Computer Care based in my village (Redbourn). Shak thinks long term when dealing with his clients and that will always get my vote.

Shak was able to get my laptop up and running and reassure me that all my data was indeed still safe on the hard drive. Not only did he give me great service he also helped me identify the right new laptop to invest in. What I like about Shak is he takes time to talk to you in language that non-IT people can understand, during my visit he gave me  good practical advice. Reminding me to be mindful not to just focus on the data storage but look for a product with reliability, consider the processor, ROM and the hard disk techonology. He also warned me about the pitfalls when purchasing Microsoft Office…to look out for ‘deals’ that are only a trial and/or subscription but to opt for the lifetime 1user option.

I would have no hesitation in recommending his service especially for those self-employed business colleagues who feel vulnerable with little or no IT knowledge -we can’t all be experts in everything. When writing advice articles for entrepreneurs I always recommend to engage the services of experts when necessary…and let’s face it our computer is the  heart of our business so look after it.


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