Curiosity and Positive Attitude

Yesterday’s ‘Times’ featured an interview with the amazing Dr Edith Eger a survivor of Aushwitz  by Ben Hoyle in which her positive attitude towards life is contagious.

She is quoted as saying of her time in the camp ‘they could not touch my spirit’ and similar phrases I often heard my own mother and mentor say. She speaks about prison and freedom  ‘prison is in your own mind and the key is in your pocket.’ Never a truer word said and how we can all apply that to every area of our own lives and challenges we have to face.

She confirms that ‘curiosity saved her’ and curiosity is something we should encourage those around us to apply on a daily basis to improve our perspective and widen our horizons. Talking to new people and taking a different route to work -try something new and feel the benefit. Having a positive attitude can help see us through the darkest of moments life is precious and should be celebrated.


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