Neglected blog…saying goodbye

How on earth did I stop blogging? After such good discipline and never running out of things to say/write?? Was it just the lead up to Christmas madness, family and work commitments? Or was it a frame of mind following a family bereavement?  Normal service is now resumed and yes I have lost to say still….

This week our family said our goodbyes to a very special man who died before Christmas and who had touched so many lives. He was a gentle man and a gentlemen and always showed a keen interest in his family’s lives and shared joy in their achievements.

My great family member’s funeral was a celebration of the things he loved, enjoyed and supported -classical music and Shakespeare sonnets. He had insisted on donations instead of flowers to Help the Heroes which spoke volumes. We left the chapel to ‘Bring me sunshine’ the funny Morcambe and Wise song. This reduced me to tears with fond memories of my mother doing her funny mimic dance of the daft duo and my singing the same song with my beautiful dementia client, also sadly no longer with us.

Attending a funeral obviously makes one reflect on our own lives and the many things we feel we still want to achieve. Best not to have regrets but to insure that even our most difficult or seemingly negative experiences give us an opportunity to learn something new, or find our more about our own character and what we can do to improve our outlook and how we react and interact with others.

Remember: The cost of loving somebody close is of course grief and as I often write we keep them alive in our minds and hearts.


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