Putting ourselves first

Again I am mindful that my blog has been neglected and inactive…how did that happen?

I found myself recently saying at a meeting ‘I run a blog.’ Then realising that I hadn’t actually been on it!!’ A good friend said how she had missed my daily rants and that I was always so good at posting every day, sometimes several times a day. So what has happened to silence the rambler? Life, basically…  busy learning new skills, helping others and gaining continued life experience improving my own life skills and…very sadly  a family bereavement.

Working with the elderly is also very demanding albeit terribly rewarding too and being with people at the end of their life recently has proved a reflective time. As we know when somebody dies we re-evaluate our own life and mortality. Memories of other loved ones we have lost creep back in and whilst it can be upsetting releasing that associated grief is actually a good thing.

To be perfectly honest the family bereavement had affected me deeply – whilst I know from my own training all the stages one has to go through – I found myself stuck emotionally and some days going through the motions…all perfectly normal. In comforting others in the unit (who were also bereaved) my own grief was being shelved…also common.

People come into our lives and some more than others definitely leave their imprint on our hearts.  So here I am returning to making time to do the things that I previously enjoyed and sharing advice and lessons learnt to help others is high on the list. I always know when I am not writing and ranting I am not my true self.

To all those who are recently bereaved it really does get easier as we begin to come to terms and accept that our loved one is no longer ‘with us’ but they remain ‘with us’ and fondly so in our mind and our hearts. Remember our loved ones would want us to carry on doing all the things we enjoy and making the most of our lives. Don’t forget to be honest and tell somebody how you feel and avoid saying ‘fine’ when actually you want to admit you are struggling.

Yesterday I enjoyed some distance Reiki and found myself more energised and had a productive day -so sincere thanks to Papu Jordan.


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