Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to all those wonderful woman who do an amazing job not just today but everyday. Recognising the needs of those we love on a daily basis is no easy job but with that comes such great rewards and unconditional love from our children.

We don’t just remember our Mothers on the marketing day, as a close friend agreed only yesterday, and, this is especially so for those of us who no longer have our Mothers around. They are kept forever magical in our hearts as I say so often on my blog.

My own beautiful daughter is away this Mother’s day but her love, kindness and thoughtfulness have been deeply appreciated especially this week. A room full of flowers blooming in her absence and a box of chocolates soon to be enjoyed. I will be lighting my scented candle later and will say a little prayer for those in need today.

I am sending spiritual healing to all those who may be recently bereaved in the loss of their mother knowing only too well some of these days can be really hard…but remember it’s just another day and they would want you to go on living and do the things that you enjoy.

We have a new mum in our family unit this year blessing us with a beautiful new baby boy just eleven days ago …wow how lucky are we?

Happy Mother’s day ladies.



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