Striving for Perfection

As I so often tell my friends and some clients ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’. Often we are our own worse enemy by expecting too much of ourselves and, indeed, of those we love too.

At the moment my reflective reading includes; Haemin Sunim’s ‘Love for imperfect things’ . I am a great fan of his work and recommend him as your modern day guru.

When recently hospitalised my daughter brought in my ‘writers news‘ and Haemin’s book which was on my desk.  I enjoyed sharing some of the contents with fellow patients. Haemin reminds us about the problems we bring upon our self ‘by being too good’ too.

Meeting with my great friend and fellow life coach earlier this week we both agreed how draining it can be in our quest to help others and be continually kind – this can often be at the cost of our own sanity. But I still maintain my usual stance kindness is a strength.

So today when you are aiming to be kind to one and all…remember to be kind to yourself too. And…as Haemin says ‘be good to yourself first, then to others’ 


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