Motivation -find your mantra

Whatever our own personal challenge may be it is always a good idea to find and adopt a mantra that makes sense to us and fits well. Your own mantra may be one you invent to include your goal or just a quote belonging to somebody else. With this in mind today I am offering one of Winston Churchill’s quotes:-

‘Success is being able to go from one failure to the next with endless enthusiasm’

I still remember my driving mantra given to me by my instructor and from time to time when I come across a lunatic driver it floats into my head…I am a confident driver, I am a careful driver, I am a safe driver….

When trying to overcome our individual hurdles if we can find somebody to work with and encourage us in our journey we will be more likely to arrive at that destination.

When working with clients learning new skills I often say ‘don’t worry if you make a mistake’ – it is how we learn and let’s face it everybody makes them!

However, only a fool gives up trying. As I often quote ‘it can be oh so lonely out there on the learning shelf!’ So getting a study buddy is an excellent idea too.

Remember: We are never to old to learn new things and/or finally decide to overcome our worst fears or phobias.


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