Exam stress -avoid it

So we are now back into exam time and to all those students young and/or mature please make sure you balance out your cramming for exams with some relaxation or healthy pursuits whatever your sporting preference may be.

Remember to keep well-hydrated leading up to exams and take that unlabelled bottled water into your exams with you. Try and keep focused and keep that anxiety level down. If you have worked hard all year, done your revision maybe with the aid of a mind map (great way to focus the mind) you will be fine …..so be confident ‘you’ve got this’.

One tip I like to pass on is to keep your feet under that exam desk flat on the floor it grounds you and if you tie your legs in knots it is bad for your circulation – I can hear a few of you laughing…but trust me it’s true on both accounts try it and see.

For those of you who practice Yoga (which is a brilliant way to unwind) remember the yoga breathing technique – another great relaxer.

Good luck to you all.



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