The gardening bug

Any plant that comes into the house stands a good chance of being murdered but last year I started working on a wild small piece of land ‘the island’  as I call it. Slowly but surely it’s improved, with a few donated plants from a green fingered friend, a few bags of stones and pebbles it’s starting to take shape. With friends who know the difference between a weed and a plant I’ve tidied up the results of all the recent rain. But as I was told yesterday  ‘a weed is indeed a flower but in the wrong place!’

Yesterday a kind neighbour and I got to improving my sad attempt of a hedge hog retreat. Inspired by Brian May’s ‘Amazing Grace’ home for hedgehogs I hope other people will also try to help our cute spiky pals by providing a safe haven.

I won’t post a photo of said island just yet but here’s my photo of Ashridge woods looking amazing as usual a carpet of bluebells,

bluebell a


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