Those musical emotional triggers

We all know the value of musical therapy and how it can help to lift spirits in particular in the case of people meeting the challenge of having dementia. As with all senses a song or piece of music can trigger memories and remind us of  particular events in our life.

This is indeed true for me whenever I hear Doris Day’s songs and as  people around the world celebrate her great talent songs like ‘move over darling’ and ‘secret love’ will hold fond memories for many.

Of course she came from an era where not only were actresses expected to act they had to dance and sing and of course she could do all three. Our family favourite film is of course ‘Calamity Jane’   ..just blown in from the windy city!!

The films of that era were of course to inspire the feel good factor after the second world war, the rom coms of the day where the ending was always happy. I’m off to find my box set and have a sing along in memory of that fabulous blond girl next door!


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