Dementia awareness

The fabulous series of ‘The restaurant that makes mistakes‘ came to a very heart warming and positive conclusion this week. What a great project and awareness vehicle this has been – proving how engagement and activities do actually improve the well-being and sense of self-worth for those living with dementia. Dementia can make people lose their self-esteem and bring on depression so anything we can do to help prevent this happening is a must.

My past three years of working with dementia clients and their carers and families has been a real privilege and a very rewarding challenge. I have seen first hand just how important positive personal engagement is to the person with dementia. How it can achieve such wonderful results in lifting the spirits of those around them who are facing some very sad changes in their partner/loved one on a day to day basis.

I have found that once families start to accept that their loved one has changed and will continual to do so they can cope better. As always I will fly the flag for the great support charities who have amazing literature and advice available…as with most things in life knowledge is power and learning ways to defuse situations will help ease many a challenging situation.

If you know of any families that are coping with this sad situation offer the hand of friendship. Try to support the main carer by giving them an opportunity to have time to themselves – remember caring is a 24/7 role and exhausting physically and emotionally.


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