Power of awareness… Sepsis and Dementia

I have always maintained that for charities and causes awareness is as vital as fundraising and they go hand in hand. Also it is no secret that information is power and enables us to work on ‘preventative rather than cure basis’ in certain areas of our lives.

I am so pleased that at long last both Dementia and Sepsis are getting the acknowledgement and awareness they so desperately need. What never fails to amaze me is that so often the best ambassadors are those that have either been personally affected and/or care for a loved one who has.

I stand in constant admiration for one such lady who despite having her life dramatically changed through Sepsis tirelessly spends time promoting awareness giving talks on looking out for the vital signs, acting quickly and asking the question. I am ashamed to say my blog has been neglected of late and last Friday was World Sepsis Awareness Day and sure enough this beautiful woman took time to record a very personal message on facebook. Kim Smith I salute you!!

A colleague and I debated last night via media whether there is an increase in Dementia or is it just we are hearing about it more now? On speaking to a client today who is a few years older than me (and had a family member with Dementia) he recalled how as a child if an elderly relative had Dementia they were just classed as mentally ill…how truly sad that feels now, so yes, awareness is working and we are making progress but have a long way to go.

To anyone coping with either a physical or mental illness which is life changing please ensure you ask for help when you need it, don’t struggle alone.

Remember talking about our emotions is the best cure…so start now.


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