Dyslexia awareness week

I have just been reminded this week is Dyslexia awareness week. Having had the great privilege of working with people with Dyslexia I remain impressed with their determination to learn and improve their world.

Those of us who were schooled through 60’s,70’s on-wards all know how those that struggled were left to do just… that and to quote a frequent phrase ‘I was stuck on the stupid table’ .

As I often remind people  -there is no correlation between a lack of intelligence and being dyslexic. Indeed there are numerous, too many to count, great achievers who are dyslexic and NASA deliberately employ people with Dyslexia as they think much wider, are solution led and possess great creative minds.

Sadly many people who are Dyslexic have had such bad experiences – (which says more about the failing education system than their ability to read, spell and write)  that they are fearful to seek help. However, it is never too late to overcome our personal challenges and put those fears behind us.

I salute people like Olive Hickmott who have made such a difference in this area. I have just purchased her book ‘The Elephants in the  -Classroom’ and finding it spot on in terms of practical help and understanding the nature of those gifted people who just happen to be Dyslexic.


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