Evelyn -Netflix film

Yesterday as part of my own on-going R & D I watched the film ‘Evelyn’ on Netflix this was a really beautiful if not emotive film. It records the physical walking and emotional journey of a family and a few friends of their brother who had taken his life some years back. I thoroughly recommend this film which is really thought provoking. One of the brothers reads a poem called ‘walk within you‘ which was brilliant, He broke down whilst reading it and I confess to shedding a tear or so. This can be viewed on their website  http://www.evelynmovie.com along with more information about the film and support for those dealing with a suicide loss.

Having worked with families who have lost someone and/or families and friends where somebody has attempted suicide I realise how vital it is that we continue to increase awareness and stop the subject of suicide being taboo…still! Especially in young men where the sad stats speak for themselves.

We are getting better in encouraging people to talk about their mental and emotional challenges but we have so far to go. Don’t struggle in silence -please, please talk to somebody and seek help.

Remember: Your loved ones need to know how you are really feeling – no make that want to know…


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