Lifting spirits with music

At last week’s local hub for those living with the challenge of Dementia we had a musical quiz which we all really enjoyed. The organisor had selected old tunes from TV programmes…I got a few wrong but remembered more than I care to admit which shows my age too! Well done to Sam for the fab choices and of course ‘Dad’s Army’ had to be the best one as everyone sang along for quite some time.

I have posted before about using our senses to trigger those memories we thought we had lost.  I had also enjoyed a fab session with one of my clients only the week before -sheer magic listening and singing along to old favourites like; Glen Miller -In the Mood & Moonlight Serenade, Nat King Cole -Stardust and the Bugle boy from company B (now was that the Beverly or Andrews Sisters? Answers on a post card to…)

Continuing on from my plea to continue to include and visit those with Dementia -turn up with a Bluetooth speaker and your Iphone and you can turn what may appear to be a difficult visit into something wonderful.


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