Keep writing…dementia update

Oh dear has it really be so long since I posted on my blog….shame on me. However, in my defence I have been writing in other formats as I continue my own self development and study hard working towards another dementia qualification.

I am always telling my own students/clients how we are never to old to learn new things, and, just how therapeutic writing can be. In sharing my own thoughts about my latest course with my very own study buddy (everyone should have one), I admitted how hard it would be if I hadn’t had the privilege to have worked with so many lovely families who are living with dementia. I have never-ending respect for the carers and immediate family who so lovingly and patiently care for their partner/parent meeting the challenge of having dementia.

Carers are of course the unsung heroes who so often just see what they do 24/7 as ‘their duty’ when actually it is so much more. As always my advice is of course to look after their own health and ensure they have regular breaks to do things they enjoy. Any break away from caring enables them to re-charge their own batteries. I often see how friends shy away from families once somebody has been diagnosed. My request today is please continue with friendships and visit don’t exclude or abandon friends – especially when they need you most.

This morning at our local dementia hub we had a small but very happy birthday celebration for a lovely lady who was 80. We played music bingo and all had a good old sing song -everyone left feeling as sunny as the day. Laughter and music can really lift spirits.

To my new writing student I promise to get back posting regularly in the hope that he does the same with his own blog and shares his obvious undiscovered talent. This young man has something to say and is a bit of a political ranter – my past regular followers will know this goes down extremely well with me.


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