Inspirational women

Over the weekend it was International Women’s Day and people all over the world spoke and wrote about their mentors and showed appreciation for the women in their lives who inspire them.

I have never made any secret that for me my mentor was of course my amazing mother who I quote on a daily basis. Her words of wisdom come in useful when I am often trying to lift the spirits of a friend and/or a client in need. Her positive and loving advice never ran short.

I was also fortunate to work with an amazing female Barrister during my time working within intellectual property who encouraged me to be confident, ambitious and not be afraid to challenge. I have never forgotten my time working with her at Kodak.

Another female who inspired me would have to be Deborah Durbin a great journalist and friend for many years.  If I am too busy to write I almost feel she is sending me a spiritual prod to get back on the writing horse!

Whoever inspires you remember to actually tell them…just in case they haven’t realised how important they are in driving you forward.


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