Don’t panic buy..think of the elderly

The media in all its various forms can be a great source of information but boy does it also let us all down time and time again. Why on earth do they keep showing photos of empty shelves in supermarkets?? I have been to several the past week and yes there maybe one  or two items out of stock, but soon replenished but in the main it’s business as usual. All this does is make those people who naturally panic do just that.

Also please don’t be selfish in any case, think about those elderly shoppers who maybe aren’t mobile enough to go from shop to shop for essential items. Don’t stockpile that just causes shortages and encourages unscrupulous retailers to bump up prices further.

Let’s see some common sense, some thought for others, and, use our emotional intelligence for the greater good.  Think how our parents coped when real rationing of food existed – yes exactly! They are the very generation now that we should be considering and helping.

Come on Brits I thought we were a civilised nation. Those shoppers who are buying for the sheer sake of it seem to have also forgotten to pop an item or two in the food bank box which we hear are running lower than usual.


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