Think of others….

Please, please think of others why are people still being so selfish and stockpiling food unnecessarily? I am saddened by what I have seen and heard -we are better than this surely? Please think of all the emergency services that are working flat out to look after our loved ones – that may be your family member next week. Those who are on low incomes and freelancers who may have lost work need to buy food too so don’t buy food you don’t need just because you can afford to!

Then we see how local people can be really kind to those in need whether its offer of practical help for the elderly or being supportive in positive caring ways. Make that phone call to let others know you are thinking of them especially the elderly and may be living alone or those that are fearful as they are vulnerable health wise. Positive words of reassurance really helps.

I was also reminded today how hard farmers are working to ensure we are receiving our milk and food products. Let’s be grateful to those that are working in supermarkets and no doubt feeling depressed at the chaos they are witnessing.

Stay well, stay safe and please think of others -do we really need reminding that kindness is  a strength.


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