Bring me sunshine…

We all know the words to the song from the Morcambe and Wise show ‘Bring me sunshine’ a happy little song and one that I fondly remember singing to one of my dementia clients which was always met with laughter.  I guess today with the blue skies and sunshine it will help make people feel a bit happier as we face the challenging times ahead.

I also remember my own amazing mother talking about how people really pulled together during world war II. So come on Brits show everyone what you are really made of… ok some of us have been a bit stupid and selfish but let’s get past that now. The only way we will survive this if we are sensible and as always kind and patient with others who are vulnerable.

My time today has been mainly speaking on the phone to elderly relatives, neighbours and clients. As I tactfully explained to my ageing aunt today, ‘nobody likes to be told what to do, but at times we need to listen when the advice is in our best interest and definitely where our health and well-being is concerned.’ Her dilemma was whether or not to let in her cleaner…No No No! As I joked she hasn’t got rugby players running through her wee house with muddy boots on!

However, and joking aside as our parents age we do experience the role changes of us caring for them – but don’t expect this to be plain sailing as older people do not like their children barking orders at them and/or taking away their independence.

Be grateful

Let’s be grateful and thankful for all those NHS staff, and, all emergency workers on the front line. Don’t forget the local chemist I personally was very pleased they were open this morning to take my call and confirm my blood pressure pills are in and I could collect them shortly. Great now I can support those around me that need an injection of positiveness and appreciate words of comfort from a counsellor. Aided by the pills and the large bar of chocolate my kind neighbour treated me to I will do my bit. The phone was a great invention so let’s use it to ensure we speak to those who may be living alone and just a little bit anxious.

Stay calm, stay safe everyone and keep communicating. As down as we may feel there are people out there who are much worse off whether it be emotionally, financially or health wise.

Remember the farmers

I will close my blog today reminding all those shoppers desperate for their milk save a thought for our wonderful farmers doing all they can to get that milk to us all. And, no kids, milk doesn’t arrive magically in a plastic bottle it comes from a real life cow…who I happen to think are pretty amazing and somewhat beautiful creatures.


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