Great neighbours

Where I live I count myself extremely fortunate as I have great neighbours we are friendly and helpful to one another. Obviously we all went out to clap our amazing NHS workers last night which was emotional all over the country I’ve no doubt.

Beginning of the week we set up a watssap group and I cannot begin to tell you the fun we have had communicating with one another. We are sharing all sorts of silly jokes and photographs then one neighbour came up with the idea of posting a live quiz at night which we then all had to answer this was hilarious at times. We now have this every night and my own daughter added a few animal quizzes too.

The beauty of modern media is we can communicate so easily just to let people know we are thinking of them but groups like the one I’ve outlined above are a brilliant distraction. Realising in this unprecedented times that yes, we are all behind closed doors, but working together keeping each other’s spirits up.

I will mention the elderly as always please ring that elderly aunt or neighbour that may live alone with just their fears and memories to mull over. The slightest interruption to a long day in isolation will mean so much. In times like this the biggest gift we can give is our time.

Whilst people are home based time to catch up on all those overseas emails too…anything to avoid the ironing pile! Keep safe, keep well and keep positive.


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