Keeping fit and keeping calm

Aside from the recommended daily walk which is something I’ve always tried to do there are so many ways to keep fit in the absence of going to one’s gym.

My daughter, so much fitter and younger than me got me joining her for exercise in the garden. It was a Joe Wicks online session which is really good. Obviously, I did not do all the press ups etc she could do but for those difficult sections I did running on the spot. I have no doubt as cold as it was outside it really did me good.

Later in the afternoon said daughter had arranged an online yoga session with her usual yoga instructor. She laid down her pink yoga mat on the lounge floor and was quickly joined by one of our cats much to the amusement of her yoga instructor. Lenny, our cat was of course doing the downward mog instead of the downward dog position! I thoroughly recommend yoga to help all the aches and pains, keep that calm balance and inner tranquillity.

At times like we find ourselves in now anything that can keep us calmer and fitter gets my vote. I suspect a lot of people who may have been too shy or even embarrassed to go to a class can try these new activities in the privacy of their own home and will in time join and/or re-join their gyms.

I have reminded my elderly clients and relatives to keep their circulation going by taking that daily walk and when sitting on the sofa to kick off the slippers and pretend they are playing a piano with their toes -as any physio will agree even the slightest of movement helps the blood circulation which is vital.

Keep fit and healthy.


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