Kindness and laughter = Kevin!

I often write about kindness on my blog. I remember a client of mine used to say ‘It’s nice to be important but far more important to be nice.’  I guess this runs parallel with kindness.

This morning my fab neighbour offered to pick up a few bits for his immediate neighbours. Which he did, but when he left items on doorsteps he also left a bunch of daffodils on every lady’s doorstep how kind was that?

It is the small acts of kindness that people will remember and let’s face it that’s the least we can all do at this time. Just to think about pleasing others and try to make life just that little bit easier. We must be mindful that some people will cope better than others and that some people who are not coping may pretend that they are so stay in touch.

Also we all know that laughter is the best policy and is ‘as good as a tonic‘ – say the older folk. Yes it certainly is and thank you to those friends and family members for circulating  amusing jokes and photographs. By the way the same neighbour is keeping our spirits up with his cheerful manner and great sense of humour.

Every street should have a Kevin! Well done great neighbour.

As ever my mantra Kindness is a strength’


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